Київ, вул. Набережно-Рибальська дорога, 3

9:00–19:00, пн-сб

Київ, вул. Набережно-Рибальська дорога, 3

9:00–19:00, пн-сб

Advanced Dental clinic with a full range of dental services

Pain-free careful treatment for both adults and children

SNEG стоматологічна клініка Київ Рибальський

About us

OK DENTAL clinic is a dental clinic with a full range of dental services for adults and children.
We use a modern and rational approach in our daily practice. We are committed to deliver safe treatment and high-level services.
As a result - we create a healthy and aesthetic smile for each patient.


years of our doctors’ experience 


aesthetic smiles of our patients


of patients come from recommendations


responsibility for results

Services and prices

Full range of dental services

Prices are subject to change depending on the official exchange rate (NBU)

  • Consultation

    800 UAH

  • Professional oral hygiene

    2000 - 4000 UAH

  • Whitening

    6000 UAH

  • Dental filling

    3000 - 4500 UAH

  • Tooth extraction

    1650 - 8500 UAH

  • Restoration

    5500 UAH

  • Veneers

    18000 - 25000 UAH

  • Dental crowns

    8000 - 20000 UAH

  • Dental implantation

    25000 - 35000 UAH

  • Braces

    25000 - 50000 UAH

  • Tooth caps

    3000 - 6500 UAH

  • Root canal treatment 

    3000 - 20000 UAH

  • Consultation

    600 -800 UAH

  • Professional oral hygiene

    1000 - 1500 UAH

  • The treatment of temporary teeth 

    2000 - 3000 UAH

  • Tooth extraction

    850 - 1650 UAH

  • Orthodontic appliances

    6500 - 15000 UAH

  • Braces

    25000 - 50000 UAH

  • Tooth caps

    3000 - 6500 UAH

Our team

We are a team of professionals with years of experience treating adults and children




Котлярчик  Ольга Володимирівна стоматолог SNEG

Kotliarchyk Olga 

chief physician, orthodontist


Petrova Olha



Yovenko Maria

dental assistant





Kuzmovych Anna


Why choose us

SNEG стоматологічна клініка Київ Рибальський


The doctors of our clinic have work experience from 5 to 15 years

Modern technology

We use the latest equipment and modern diagnostic methods

Treatment you really need

We do not prescribe pseudo-treatments and perform only the necessary procedures

Professional development

Our doctors constantly master and apply the latest technologies and improving their skills


We guarantee 100% sterility of our instruments as they undergo 5-step disinfection process and daily quality inspection


We provide a guarantee not only for the materials, but also for our services. Learn more about the guarantee ➞


Elena Pavlenko

“Olga, I can’t thank you enough for the miracle you’ve created with my daughter’s teeth. She now has a Hollywood smile. If I hadn't encountered such a situation, I would have never believed it would be possible. You have golden hands, and I wish all the best to you!”

Inna Kushnerchuk

“I have been dreaming about a beautiful smile for all my consciouslife! It gives me so much confidence! And now, the first step that took 2.5 years long has passed) Huge thanks to my tooth fairy Olga Kotliarchyk for her attentiveness, care and professionalism! I AM HAPPY!”

Kate Stalennaya

“Professionalism and attentiveness to the patient! We are beyond grateful to Olga Volodymyrivna for her help in creating a beautiful smile for my daughter.”

Maria Vynohradna

“Thank you so much for thisincredible result! You are the bestdoctor. I have never seen doctors who treated patients like this. That's it exactly what I was looking for.”

Natasha Sai

“You’ve got golden hands! My daughter had a big problem with her teeth, but Olga Volodymyrivna helped us greatly, and now everything is fine. Thank you very much for your work.”

Victoria Lazareva

“Can’t wait to thank my doctor! My daughter is now appearing in toothbrush advertising and many other projects where a beautiful smile is needed!”

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SNEG стоматологічна клініка Київ Рибальський


9:00–19:00, mon-sat

Kyiv, Naberezhno-Rybalska road, 3
Rybalsky residential neighborhood

SNEG стоматологічна клініка Київ Рибальський
SNEG стоматологічна клініка Київ Рибальський
SNEG стоматологічна клініка Київ Рибальський
SNEG стоматологічна клініка Київ Рибальський